Andy Runton’s “Owly: A Time to be Brave”

Owly: A Time to Be Brave cover

Runton, Andy.  (2007).  Owly:  A Time to be Brave.  Marietta, GA:  Top Shelf Productions.  ISBN:  9781891830891

Owly and his little woodland friends are in his treetop dweeling settling in for some soothing story time.  The story, about a brave brave night and a dragon, immediately scares Wormey.  Fear is the reoccuring theme in this graphic novel, and eventually the animals and the readers learn that confronting fear is actually a great way to clear up misunderstandings and even make new friends.  For a girl who has been reading way too much lately, Owly is just what the doctor ordered.  The illustrations are rich with meaning, the characters expressions and thought clouds are as insightful as the most engrossing dialogue, and text is only reserved for when it is absolutely neccessary.  Anyway, who doesn’t love adorable, round, doughy-eyed Owly?  All ages.

Book Cover art from Comics Worth Reading,


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